Andreas deep in the jungle of Venezuela

Andreas.... born on July, 21st, 1962 in West-Berlin, part of Germany´s "Federal Republic of Germany" (FRG). Since than he was muddling through his life as best he could.


He migrated in the early nineties to Venezuela in order to spend some months secluded and completely isolated from any civilization with some native tribe in the vast jungle of Venezuela and English Guyana. During his trip, he experienced wonderful encounters with these fascinating people and gained deep insights in their culture, traditions and way of living, as well as the South American flora and fauna.


He learned the Spanish language, simultaneously got his pilot license and decided to settle, first in Venezuela and later Colombia, Ecuador, Belize and the Caribbean Robinson Island of Tobago.


In South and Central America he worked the past 20 years as tour guide and organizer of adventurous tours till he met Doreen... who motivated him to go back to Europe, where he is living in Berlin in a apartment of a former jail.


His greatest hobby is enjoying his life together with Doreen with a lot outdoor activities, good wine and food and adventurous travel all over the world.... and his passion getting up in air with everything what have some wings...