The books to our expedition ... unfortunately till now just in German language!

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Andreas and Doreen are writing with the help of Ms. Cordula Hamann as co-author four exiting books about the journey:

Part 1: Departure Florida/USA, North America, Central America  (Published September 2013)

Part 2: South America, Caribbean (Published November 2014) 

Part 3: North America, Atlantic crossing, Europe, Africa (Published November 2015) 
Part 3: Africa, South Europe, Arabia, Asia till arrival Sydney / Australia (Published December 2016) 

Cordula Hamannwas born in 1959 in Hanover and has been living since she was five years old in Berlin. Since 1986 she has worked as an independent entrepreneur in real estate. But since 2006 as the author makes her previous hobby more and more professional focused. In addition to special relationships between people are moving there, above all, socio-political issues that they are interested and are reflected in her books.

These books will be published by the publishing company. The publishing company was founded in January, 2001 by Jens Freyler - even a globetrotter - and offers to readers and travellers an extensive book programme from travel reports of all continents and from unusual city guides of European metropolises. For this it works together exclusively with German-speaking authors. Some of the authors are journalists, other experienced writers – all of them are primarily one: Travellers.
Andreas and Cordula feel beeing in good hands in this innovative and extremely engaged publishing company.