The Trike-Globetrotter go 3D!


The Tuberain Media Ltd. - Official media partner of the "Trike Globetrotter" will produce four exiting movies about the expedition in 2D and 3D (DVD as well BLUE-RAY - PAL/NTSC in German with English and Spanish subtitles)!

  • Part 1: Departure Florida/USA, North America, Central America,(Published September 2013) 
  • Part 2: Central & South America, Caribbean (Published November 2014) 
  • Part 3: North America, Atlantic crossing, Europe, Africa (Published November 2015) 
  • Part 4: Africa, South Europe, Arabia, Asia till arrival Sydney / Australia (Published December 2016) 

Tuberain Media Ltd. is a full-InHouse media production company. In addition to serving individual phases of a project commissioned work from idea conception and implementation of creative, up to the completion of the product realized. One focus is the documentary film image. In particular, materials that go beyond known boundaries to extremes to be made ​​for the viewer visually perceptible. An excellent media for a new world record!

Check out our movie-trailer!