The Investor, without him, nothing will move at all....

The "Trike-Globetrotter" Expedition would be impossible without "Otto´s Tours Group" as Investor, because after sold everything we own in Germany and got some sponsors, this covers just 1/3 of all the expenses!

 Thats why we ae more than happy, that the "Otto´s Tours Group" pre-finance this tour. The deal is easy, because "Otto´s Tours Group" will get all our profit out of the slide presentation tour in Germany (every October), from the books sellings and the movie sellings, till we paid the money and a small profit for the "Otto´s Tours Group" back.


The "Otto´s Tours Group" is a adventure tour operator with offices in:

  • Cuzco / Peru
  • Quito / Ecuador
  • Puerto La Cruz / Venezuela

Tours comprise round trips, trekkings, expeditions, special tours, language and dancing tours and country-specific options in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, as well as the Caribbean and the Amazon region.


We want our customers to experience fascinating cultures, to learn about their treasures and to get a real inside into the lives of local people. High attention is given to the preservation of traditional ways of life and beauty of the country.

Quality awareness in the organization and flexibility in marketing is a top priority of our company under German management. Periodical personal inspections in the respective countries and ongoing trainings of our staff guarantee our clients the application of strict quality management.